The Weight-Loss Plan

Last November I played the worst basketball game of my life. My dad and I were evenly matched, wheeze for wheeze and air ball for air ball. It was almost funny how out of shape we were.

I don’t like complicated plans so I’ve kept mine simple. It’s worked for the last five weeks and I’m down about six pounds, getting close to my college weight though I still have a ways to go before I’m done.

My plan is essentially three rules culled from a lot of internet reading.

  1. Drink only water, especially before and during meals. 
  2. Eat smaller portions. And try to eat healthier stuff than pizza. 
  3. Exercise regularly.

I had an expensive gym membership that I let lapse, so I’ve been rotating on YouTube videos for cardio, yoga and strength training. I believe I’m in the running for World’s Least Flexible Man, but my wind is better and I can now catch subway trains without looking like a crazy person. 

For motivation, my good friend has partnered up with me. Even though she lives in another city, we text and chat regularly about our eating habits and workouts. She is probably about 5 times in better shape than me. Excellent motivation.

I also regularly check the weight loss subreddit /Loseit. Some people on there have lost dozens or hundreds of pounds and their lives are changing in incredible ways. Losing 15 pounds feels so much easier after reading about their transformations. 

Weight loss is a lifestyle choice. You can’t get fat eating a single burger and you can’t get thin eating one salad. It’s the trend of your meals that determines whether you’re gaining or losing weight, and exercise improves your health but only plays a small role in the sliding numbers on the scale. I try to remember that when I decide what to eat. Maybe it’ll help you too.

I’ll post occasional updates. If you have an inspiring story or are looking for support, feel free to leave a message.

Best of luck to us all!