Interview with Michel Gondry on "The We and the I"

Shameless plug alert! My latest interview is up on Life+Times and I was lucky enough to talk with director Michel Gondry and the equally charming cast of his new indie film “The We and the I.” 

Doing these interviews can be a bit chaotic and this was especially unusual because I split my question time with a reporter from another outlet. Getting the answers you want isn’t always easy under ideal conditions and with 10 people all eager to speak, few tangents were left unexplored.

But it was both warming and saddening to see the young first-time actors talking about catching the acting bug while Michel gently tried to deflate expectations. This acting thing isn’t such an easy nut, even with a Gondry film credit to your name. 

It’s a good film, unlike anything else I’ve seen from Gondry, and I won’t be surprised if I see one or two of those young actors on the big screen again.